6 Burner Gas Range with Gas Oven – C-G761H


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6 Burner Gas Range with Gas Oven – C-G761H

  • Deep-drawn surface tops manufactured in 1.5 mm thick AISI-304 stainless steel.
  • Laser-cut joints and automatic welding. Hidden screws.
  • 397 x 580 mm double grates (397 x 290 mm for each burner) enabling the use of large pots and pans. The reduced distance of 75 mm between the central bars makes it possible to use pots with a very small diameter (8 cm), avoiding the risk of smaller pans tipping over.
  • The grates are made of RAAF enamelled cast iron (resistant to alkaline and acid products, fire and high temperatures).
  • Double-crown burners and diffusers made of nickel-plated cast iron which guarantee an even distribution of heat from the flame to the base of the pans, even for large pans. This therefore prevents heat from building up in a specific point and optimises energy transfer to the product.
  • Burners are easy to position.
  • Low-consumption pilot light and thermocouple located within the body of the burner for greater protection.
  • Flexible stainless-steel gas pipes, facilitating internal manipulations in order to make repairs easier.
  • Controls with a protective support base and system to prevent water infiltration.
  • High-temperature enamelled cast iron flue protector which is flush with the grates therefore improving manoeuvrability, supporting larger containers and increasing the usable surface area.
  • Access to components from the front.


  • Static gas oven with dimensions GN 2/1 user firendly, with controls positioned on the upper panel for  better ergonomy.
  • Cooking chamber made entirely of stainless steel which makes cleaning easier and ensures greater hygiene.
  • Trays are inserted sideways which improves manoeuvrability.
  • Tubular stainless-steel burner with pilot light and thermocouple and piezoelectric ignition.
  • Heating power of 8,60 kW.
  • Thermostatic valve for temperature control (125 – 310 °C).
  • Rails on three height levels to offer different cooking options.
  • Rails with anti-tipping system to prevent trays from overturning.
  • Cast iron oven floor which guarantees better performance and uniform heat distribution.
  • Fibreglass closing seal to improve the thermal efficiency of the oven and ensure its durability.
  • Deep-drawn oven frame and inner door, ensuring a better oven closure.
  • Detachable oven door to facilitate repairs.
  • Stainless steel feet with adjustable height.
  • Six burners on the worktop with different powers, enabling the use of different pots and pans and different foods: 6 x 8,0 kW (˜ 120 mm).


  • Frying plate to place on 5.25 kW burners.
  • Water column.

2 Years Parts and Labour + 2 Years Parts only Warranty with Product Registration

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