H500 AirBox Industrial Dishwasher


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The automatic start-up on our industrial dishwasher UPster® H means it cleans with full convenience as well as full power. Wave goodbye to clouds of steam and poor air quality in the scullery with the power package. Instead, make space for serving dishes, large plates and trays in the dishwasher with a passing height of 440 mm.

What more could you want?
The optional AirBox AktivAir won’t let the steam escape!
• Easy to operate – machine starts automatically when hood handle is pressed down
• Less noise and heat emissions with double walled construction with additional hood insulation
• Brilliant rinsing results with Eco-filter system – removes dirt from the wash water ensuring maximum hygiene and clean tank water
• Hygienic wash results with 3 wash programmes and digital display of wash and rinse temperatures
• Reliability and longevity with stainless steel wash and rinse arms and stainless steel rear wall cladding

Please note: Prices  are subject to change without notice.