Which fryer to choose – Open Pot V’s Tube

When running a fish & chip shop, swift, proficient cooking and customer satisfaction are your top priorities. Consider this: French fries cook faster than chips, and during busy times like a football match halftime, your customers won't tolerate delays. So, how do you meet these demands? The answer lies in the heart of your kitchen – your fryer. "Open Pot" or "Tube" - which one is your champion? They may seem identical, but their differences can significantly impact your efficiency and bottom line.

Don't let a hasty decision cost you in the long run. Dive into the blog to unlock these insights and make an informed choice. Your successful chip shop awaits!

If you own a Fish & Chip or Chip shop, you need to be able to cook your food fast and efficiently.

First you need to look at the requirements of your food. For example “French fries” cook quicker than “Chips”, and then you need to consider your customers’ requirements. If it’s half time at the footy, they don’t want to wait too long for their chips.

While “Open Pot” and “Tube” fryers look the same from the outside, there a few key differentiators that you should know about before you buy your next fryer.

Choosing the wrong fryer up front, will cost you in the long run.

Selecting the right fryer, will create significant savings for you over the life of the fryer.

It can be tempting to focus on the initial outlay for fryers, and don’t take into consideration the running costs and the efficiency of providing services to your customers in a timely manner.

It’s worth noting, that open pot fryers are often preferred in shops because they are easier to clean and maintain than tube fryers. Open pot fryers also tend to have larger frying capacity.

Open Pot V’s Tube

Versatility – Open pot fryers are typically more versatile and easier to use than tube fryers.

Even though the open pot fryers have less oil, they have a larger frying capacity due to their design, which can accommodate a variety of foods, including larger items.

Saving Money – due to the shape of the bowl, the open pot fryers use substantially less oil, reducing your ongoing costs.

The oil in your fryer needs to be replaced on a regular basis. A fryer that requires less oil, reduces the annual costs of oil, and reduces the gas needed to heat up the oil.

Another benefit is the deep “Cold Zone” (area at the bottom of the pot). The cold zone reduces the carbonisation of the crumbs, which extends the life of the oil, also reducing your costs.

Cleaning – no-one likes cleaning, so we are looking for an easy and quick way to clean. The Open Pot fryers, provide unobstructive access to the bottom of the pot. You can easily clean the pot, and the ability to see the bottom, ensures all of the crumbs have been removed, extending the life of the new oil.

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Ultimately, the choice between an open pot or tube fryer will depend on your specific needs and preferences. Consider factors such as the types of food you’ll be frying, how frequently you’ll be using the fryer, and your available space plus budget.

In summary, the choice of fryer depends on the specific needs and requirements of your kitchen. Consider factors such as: –

  • Frying capacity
  • Ongoing costs
    • Cooking oil
    • Heating gas
  • Maintenance and cleaning requirements

It’s about providing efficient services to your customers in a timely and cost-effective manner.